Friday, July 18, 2014

The Importance of the Roof

I was doing some research into Nashville roofing companies, and found Premier Roofing.

The roof of a home is extremely important, and the traditional philosophy is that a roof should ast for 20 years. Of course depending on where you live, the roof may last shorter - if there's a constant amount of hail, or very high winds, etc - or longer - if the place has no weather at all!

Many decades ago, when I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I saw a home off I-35 that I really, really wanted. It had a circular column which I assume housed a spiral staircase, and maybe even a circular bedroom, and the roof was flat.

Every time I drove past that house on my way to work, I'd eye it covetously.

Then, after about 10 years, someone bought it and destroyed its personality entirely. For one thing, they put a pointy roof on it! I suppose because a flat roof didn't do well with the 3-6 feet of snow that would pile on it during your average snow storm!

I doubt if I'll settle in Nashville, but one of my goals is to visit every capitol city of the state. Nashville roofing companies were therefore of interest to me today.

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