Thursday, July 24, 2014

Make sure your home is up to code - the electric code

When a home is being built, it has to "meet code." There are actually several codes, all put together by the trade association, the National Fire Protection Association. (I was doing research on this organization - I didn't know *who* created the codes that buildings had to meet...I assumed it was government regulations but it's actually private regulations that cities vote to adopt, or not adopt.  Of course, most do, just because it makes good sense.)

The reason I found out about the NFPA was because I was checking out the website of Mr. Sparky, a West Seattle electrician, and their site specified that "We strictly adhere to, and comply with the local and national electrical codes as spelled out by the National Electrical Code (NEC), and published by the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70)."

That got me thinking about "code" and I decided I'd do some research on it.

Some unscrupulous builders don't bother to meet code, and the buyer of the home will pay for it, eventually.

My dream home is going to be up to snuff in all the various codes, as I want it to be around for a long time to come!

I've done a bit of research on electricians in Seattle, just out of curiosity... I wonder how close that Washington state wildfire is to the big cities?

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