Thursday, July 24, 2014

Housewarming party

It's a tradition, whenever someone moves into a new house - whether brand new, or just new to them - to hold a housewarming party, where friends and family bring gifts for the new home.

The new homeowner receives the gifts, but in return has to supply his or her guests with good food to eat, and especially with fine desserts!

I was wandering through the food counters of my local Walmart the other day, thinking of foods I'd like to buy...and then, since my mind is never far away from the home I want to own one day, I was thinking of what I could use a house-warmimg party foodstuffs. I saw some really nice decorated cakes, with edible images on them - such as from the movie Frozen, and from the movie Despicable Me. (You may think such cakes are of interest only to kids, but hey, I love animated films and see no reason why I shouldn't buy a cake so decorated!

Edible cake decorations have been "in" for some time. They are made from edible starch and are perfectly safe to eat They are even kosher! There are certain decorations that I wouldn't eat - hard lumps of sugar in the shapes of bees or trees or whatever have no appeal, but thin sheets of sugar or colored starch placed onto frosting - yum.

Having said that, I'm thinking sugar sculpture would be the way to go. Unique, one of a kind - but expensive.

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