Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Protecting your dream home

A person's home is his or her single most important investment in life (if you don't include getting married and having kids as an investment... in which case it's the second most important investment!).

Those two are interconnected, as a matter of fact. Your home is part of your estate, but if worse comes to worst and you get a divorce, typically the husband has to move out and let the wife have the house - and if it's not paid for, and the wife can't get sufficient income to pay for the mortgage, she may lose the house, etc.

So it's important to have a lawyer who can handle your estate for you - whether it's your will or living will or whatever, to ensure that your home goes to who you want it to go to should you pass away, or whether you're dealing with a divorce and want a fair settlement between spouses and hopefully an amicable divorce.

There are a variety of lawyers who specialize in one or the other, or even both, as for example Michael Atkins, who heads a group of West Seattle lawyers who deal with estate law, family law, and also personal injury.

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